Hazard identification of nanomaterials: In silico unraveling of descriptors for cytotoxicity and genotoxicity







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Naouale El Yamani, Ph.D. Senior scientist at (NILU). She has greater than 10 years’ expertise in genetic toxicology, in vitro research and NAMs, nanotoxicology, mobile toxicology, human biomonitoring, human hazard and threat evaluation, knowledge dealing with and statistics, human hazard and threat evaluation. Validation and harmonization of excessive throughput (HTP) take a look at strategies in addition to adaptation and implementation of recent OECD TGs extra appropriate for nanoparticles. Member of EEMGS, NPST, EuroTOX and ICAWG societies and serves as peer journal reviewer for Mutation analysis, Genetic toxicology and Environmental molecular mutagenesis and Nanomaterial Journals. Reviewer Board Member for Nanomaterials.

Espen Mariussen, Dr Sci, ERT registered toxicologist. Senior researcher on the public well being Institute FHI. Intensive expertise in toxicology and environmental chemistry. Expertize in neurotoxic, immunotoxic and ecotoxic results of toxicants, which incorporates organo-halogen compounds, heavy metals, emission gasses, chemical warfare brokers and nanoparticles. Expertise in strategies in mobile biology for mechanistic analysis, analytic chemistry and dealing with animals corresponding to rats, mice and fish. Member of the nationwide committee for approval of European registered toxicologists (ERT). 70 publications in peer reviewed journals and e-book chapters.

Maria Dusinska, Ph.D., analysis professor (DSc.), ERT registered toxicologist. Senior scientist and director of a GLP at NILU. Greater than 35 years of expertise within the fields of setting and well being, superior in vitro fashions, growth and validation of NAMs, mechanisms of toxicity (MoA) of environmental and industrial pollution, mutagenicity and carcinogenicity, hazard and threat evaluation, nanosafety, DNA injury and restore. Member of the OECD skilled group for genetic toxicology and nanotoxicology, member of the Scientific Committee on Client Security (SCCS), member of the ISO/TC229 on nanotechnology and cross-cutting working group on genotoxicity in EFSA. Coordinates H2020 NMBP13 challenge RiskGone (2019–2023, https://riskgone.wp.nilu.no/). Greater than 350 publications in peer reviewed journals.

Elise Rundén-Pran, Ph.D. ERT registered toxicologist. Senior scientist and Part chief at NILU. She has greater than 20 years’ expertise in toxicology, hazard and threat evaluation, and superior in vitro mobile fashions. Expertize in Opposed final result pathways and underlying mechanisms of mobile degeneration in superior in vitro/ex vivo fashions, human threat evaluation and regulatory toxicology for approval and security labeling of pesticides in Norway.Govt officer on the Norwegian agricultural inspection service, Pesticide part. Member of the Norwegian ERT committee for approval of ERT toxicologists and the Norwegian Scientific committee for meals and setting. 35 scientific papers in peer assessment journals.

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